Hi, I’m Joshua Taylor and I began my fitness journey in early 2018. I was born and raised in southern Arkansas, never further than an arms reach from fried chicken, pecan pie or a coke and to a family who more than enjoyed each. We were happy with food, sad with food, and we loved with food. It’s just like that down here. LoL I come from big stock so I came by my size honestly you could say. Matter of fact, within in my immediate family, I think at least 4 of us have had gastric bypass surgery.

I was a husky kid and I got more husky the older I became, and by the time I was 37 I weighed nearly 400 lbs. …and I was miserable…miserable in my body, miserable in my head…I was approaching dangerous terrain and needed to make a change. Lucikly, the right people were available at the right time and that choice to a change became much easier to make.

I started eating a Keto diet in February 2018 and in May I found myself walking into the gym and absolutely falling in love with it (which was a total shock to me) but due, in large part, to my trainers, Jenny, and her husband, Chris, our incredible gymfam and from the support of my family.

So here I am, a year into this journey to fit – my 2.0. There have been pitfalls and pit stops and successes and dreams realized, but I suppose that’s characteristic of any good journey. Right?

My story isn’t unlike many of the thousands of other incredible weight loss stories out there. The difference is that this is my story and it’s not quite finished yet. I hope you’ll come along for the ride with me. There isn’t anything new here. No reinvention of the wheel. No new wisdom, just old wisdom spoken my way.

Om, Baby. Om,

Joshua Taylor has degrees in Music, Comparative Religious Studies, and Gender Studies. He enjoys reading, writing, creating art, and composing music. Deeply interested in Consciousness, Psychology, Philosophy, and Spirituality. His blog, thetaylormadefit is his effort to document his insights on topics such as fitness, and mental health for future reflection. It’s as much a personal diary as it is for you. It’s his hope that you will be able to take from his thoughts and apply his ideas in your own lives.