Life in the 5th Dimension

There has been lot of talk in certain circles during the past couple of years about the Earth leaving the “3rd Dimension” and ascending into the “5th Dimension.” But what does that mean? If you’re a student of esoteric philosophy then certainly you’ve heard the phrase accompanied by various descriptions – cities of gold, rainbow skies, cessation of pain, and hunger…in short, this “5th Dimension” is described as a veritable utopia!

Who wouldn’t want to get there, be there, and live there?

But, if you’re familiar at all with the discussion about this “5th Dimension” then you might realize that while many people describe what it looks like they can’t really explain how to get there, or alternately, they describe this shift into the 5th Dimension as something that happens around you leaving you bewildered and dumbfounded.

… And this is a problem.

The thing is, the 5th Dimension isn’t a happening or a place – at least, not like New York is a place. It’s a choice – a choice to shift perspective.

In fact, you’re in the 5th Dimension right now as you read this page. I’m in it even now as I write it.

Side note: you also never leave the 3rd Dimension either.

The question is: what do you do here, and now to get there?

If you read my blog, “Worldlines,” then you’ll remember that the 5th Dimension can be described as the point from which all potential possibilities that can be realized from this moment (now) of our lives is accessible. In other words, the 5th Dimension contains all of the possible futures that could branch off from this “Now.”

In the 5th Dimension, the possibility that you win the lottery or become president of the United States are accessible to you – assuming you have bought tickets or have political aspirations, now.

“Ok, I get that.” If I buy a lottery ticket then my chance of winning is higher than if I didn’t buy a ticket.”. – Yes, obviously. “If I buy 10 tickets then I have an even higher chance of winning.” – Right.

So, how is this any different than my normal life?

Well, in many ways, it isn’t. You still wake up, eat breakfast, and go to work. But what is different is how we choose to consciously create our lives.

In this way, rather than moving from moment to moment on instinctual autopilot like a animal: sleep, food, fear/worry, work, sex, food, sleep, and repeat, we regard each moment as an opportunity of conscious creation.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if you are consciously creating your Now:

  • How do I want to experience this moment now?
  • Is how I am choosing to experience this moment in alignment with my highest possible good?
  • Does my choice of experience elevate my state of being or does it lower it?
  • Am I allowing – going with the flow, or am I fighting/resisting what is?
  • Am I operating from a place of Love or a place of Fear?
  • Am I judging?
  • Am I reacting based on deeply ingrained response patterns or am I observing, free of judgment, what is.

And most importantly:

  • am I fully conscious of and willing to accept the consequences of the choice I am preparing to make.
  • The truth is, in every now/moment of our lives we are in the 5th Dimension. What we lack; however, is 5th Dimensional Awareness – or rather, how our choices, from moment to moment affect our the path of our lives. We can certainly predict some of the outcomes of our choices but not all.
  • You see, we’ve been trained to move from stimulus to stimulus, and largely live impulse to impulse. Sure, we’ve all been told that we should be careful with our choices or that we should be more considerate but, by and large, aside from our consideration of the “big things” i.e. what college offer should I accept, which job should I accept, etc. we pay little to no attention to the “small things.”
  • The problem here is: the small things direct the course of our lives in as much the same way (or perhaps even a greater way) as do the big things. And so, while we’re generally mindful when we arrive at “nexus points” i.e. the “big stuff” in our lives because it’s easy to feel the gravity of them, we often have mindlessly wandered to them via the small stuff.
  • And in our mindless wandering, our mental efforts are largely focused on:
    • what we lack
      what we fear
  • Think about it. How often throughout your day are you focused on what you need rather than what you have? How often are you focused on what you don’t want to happen rather than what you do want to happen?
  • And if fear and lack aren’t our focus we’re focused on nothing at all. We’re vegging out – focused on nothing at all.
  • And because of where our focus is, we continue to receive more lack, and more experiences that validate our fears. You see, “where focus goes, energy flows.”
  • “So, because I focus on how I bad it feels not having a boyfriend/girlfriend, I continue to not have one?” In essence, yes. Or rather, we, in co-creation with the Universe, create the circumstances whereby we continue to experience the feeling of loneliness.
  • “And because I focus on how much it sucks to be poor I continue to be feel poor?” Yes. we, in co-creation with the Universe create the circumstances whereby we continue to experience the feeling of poverty.
  • When we change our focus, we change our point of attraction. So, rather than focusing on loneliness, focus on how great it would feel to have your perfect mate. Feel those feeling as if having your perfect mate is the reality you’re currently experiencing.
  • Similarly, focus on how great it will feel to have your financial needs met in abundance and embody that feeling as if it were your reality.
  • This is where imagination comes into play. Our imaginations are an incredible tool in our toolbox of creation. But everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who’s ever achieved/created anything first envisioned it with their imaginations. Every home, every business, every work of art, always first began as a seed in the imagination of someone.
  • The difference between those things that are created and those that remain in the imagination is: intention and effort.
  • Now, many people call this delusional, or at least, magical thinking. Well, it’s not delusional but it is very much “Magical Thinking,” and those jaded people continue to experience their Now in very much the same way they experienced all the previous “nows” of their lives.

    On a personal note:

    Sometimes I remember all this just fine and am able to co-create a beautiful life. Other times, for whatever reason, I forget how to create and fall back down into a “low-vibin'” state. When this happens, I may be in this low vibe place for days before I remember that I allowed the fall in the first place. I’ll say this again: when i get low it’s because I allowed myself to get low.

    And this is the difference between being in “3D” – dense, slow, low vibration and “5D” – light, high vibration. The Universe doesn’t respond to who we are but rather, how we are and if we maintain a low vibrational output, we receive a low vibrational input. Likewise, if we maintain a high vibrational output we receive high vibrational input.

    Again, I have a problem with these terms as descriptors of a “state of being” because 3D simply describes a space containing length, width, and height. However, it can be useful because there is no movement in the 3rd Dimension. Things are fixed, and unmoving which can be as apt a description of how a low vibrational state feels as ever I heard.

    Ironically, when we’re children we live in this “5D place” where everything is possible, where we can grow up to become whatever we want until our parents or society begin to install dualistic programming in our heads – do this, not that, you can be this but not that, this is right, that is wrong.

    It reminds me of the song, “Signs” by the Five Man Electrical Band:

    “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
    Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
    Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?”

    Each and every one of us begin our lives tapped into the creative vortex of the 5th Dimension and life, invariably, pulls us out of it.

    So, if you want to know what it’s like to actually experience “5D” rather than to coast through it – start dreaming again. Play and make it fun. Once you’ve found a dream you want to make your reality – make sure your choices align with the inevitability that your dream becomes reality. Focus your emotional energy on what it would feel like to experience that dream as your reality and focus your effort on making that dream a reality.

    Start small and work your way up!

    Om, Baby. Om!

    Joshua T.

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