Being the Change Part 3.

Alignment & Attraction

Positive alignment is a state of being whereby we feel good about what we are thinking, feeling, and doing. When we are thinking positive thoughts, feeling positive emotions, and engaged in positive behavior we are in positive alignment – alignment with our source, with God, and with our higher self.

When we think negative thoughts, feel negative emotions, or are engaged in negative behavior we have drifted away from positive alignment and have become negatively aligned. We can consider the state of positive alignment as “expansion” because when we are in this state we feel expansive and open. If positive alignment is “expansion” then negative alignment is “contraction” because we feel small, less powerful, less connected to source, and less alive.

Truthfully, emotions are tools, like a hammer or a wrench, and any distinction of “positive”or “negative” can be quite subjective. However, emotions have a vibration because they are energy in motion within the body and we can easily distinguish high vibrational emotions such as happiness and joy from low vibrational emotions such as shame, guilt, and sadness.

A hammer can’t be negative but what one does with it can be negative. Hammers can be used to build or destroy and the same is true of our emotions; however, what they may build or destroy is never the other but always the self. In this way, when we feel “negative emotions” that is our clue that we have fallen out of positive alignment. Anger can be righteous and can lead us to behavior that, for example, rights wrongs, seeks justice, and protects. On the other hand, anger, when it is seated in a selfish place, can lead us to rage and destruction.

Therefore, it is important that when we experience any “negative emotion” that we first allow ourselves to feel it then we must check in with it. Where does it come from and where does it want to lead us-a place of healing or a place of harm?

There is been a lot of talk in the zeitgeist lately about Positivity but specifically, Toxic Positivity. Toxic Positivity is looking at a 5 alarm fire and admiring it for its beauty, and grace. Toxic Positivity is telling someone that they should, “look on the sunny side” when they’ve just lost a loved one or a pet. It’s maintaining a positive outlook and only a positive outlook even in the face of true adversity. True positivity is knowing that even though what we’re experiencing now isn’t great that better, greater days are ahead. Positivity is hopeful and inspired. Toxic Positivity is a cave where people hide because they’re afraid to face the negativity of the world. True positivity is holding a loving space for someone, toxic positivity is telling them to just get over whatever is hurting them.

Our alignment, whether positive or negative, is responsible entirely for our perception of the world around us, our perception of our friends and family, and of the things that happen for us. In short, it is the lense through which we view the world and our lives within the world. For this reason, gratitude is a wonderful emotion to begin with when seeking broad positive alignment because gratitude, more than any single emotion, can inspire joy and happiness in us. Gratitude is the acknowledgment of God’s blessings for the beautiful things, people, and circumstances in our lives that we are well aware of and also for things, people, and circumstances we cannot yet see or comprehend.

Our alignment dictates everything about us and the world we live in; luckily, it isn’t permanent and is subject to change. However, we often allow our alignment to become habitual. And because we live in a society that often frowns upon us when we change, we’re all the more reluctant to change our attitudes, and behaviors. This is because when we change, others are forced to change also. They are forced to change their perception of us and thus, their relation to us – even if only in small ways. However, because change is uncomfortable, we most often regard it as a chore rather than an opportunity.

This isn’t always a bad thing – a change we undertake can create the circumstances necessary for another to fall in love with us. However, othertimes the changes we make bring us out of particular alignments: with friends, our jobs, or certain circumstances but into usually always alignments with new friends, new jobs, and new circumstances.

This is why maintaining a positive alignment is so important. Not only will it align you to a view of the world that is more wholesome and healthy, it will align you with people, and circumstances that are more wholesome and healthy for you – who doesn’t want that?

Our alignment can be broadly focused in positivity, growth, and happiness or it can be narrowly focused. Narrowly focused, it can bring about what appear to be miraculous manifestations.

…Back to Ghandi’s quote that started this three blog entry odyssey:

We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.

We’ve discussed how one can change their alignment and how one’s alignment is responsible not only for how they view their world but also, strangely, how their “world” views them. We haven’t discussed what one can do with their alignment.

Our bodies, minds, and indeed, all matter, is made of energy and energy is vibration. Therefore, matter is simply energy that is vibrating at a particular rate. Thought and emotion are also energy. And be assured, what we think and feel radiates out and away from us as waves of our influential energy and as it radiates away from us it interacts with, interferes with and attracts reciprocal energies.

There is a concept that I have long been reluctant to write about directly because of the need for some to call it “new age” and thus, malign it without giving it a fair shake – that concept is called the Law of Attraction.

You may have heard about it because,”The Secret,” first a book, and then a very popular documentary, brought the Law of Attraction (LOA) back into the modern zeitgeist but the truth is, the law of attraction isn’t some new fangled thing. In fact, it’s ancient and was written about extensively in scriptures from the Hindu Vedas to the Christian Bible.

In fact, our ancient forebears understood the concept so well that it was simply regarded as a fundamental law of the Universe.

And yes, it’s also true that the LOA has been co-opted by modern gurus to promote what is easily argued to be materialism. I mean, who doesn’t want everything they desire to manifest in their lives? Even entrepreneurs use it in their business dealings – to greater or lesser success.

But, the LOA is more than wishful, magical thinking, or even prayer. The Law of Attraction is about alignment and true alignment is far more easily said than done because it requires:

  • Clarity of thought – is that which you wish to manifest a clear, unyielding, image in your mind?
  • Clarity of emotion – are you capable of feeling and holding the emotions you would feel if your desire were to manifest?
  • Clarity of behavior – are you actively engaged in behavior that will bring your desire about?

It is this total application of our faculties towards a specific, desired outcome that brings us into alignment. That, and that alone, is what shifts us from the middle of the bell curve where the average of our probabilities exist to the outer fringes of the bell where the impossible is not only probable but possible and achievable.

You attract that which you are in alignment with. You cannot attract that which you are not in alignment with.

If you are good on one of those principals but not the other two or if you’re good on two but struggle with the other – you are not in alignment with what you desire and your manifestation will likely fail or will result in an unforeseen outcome. For example:

  • Someone simply focusing on manifesting a new job might manifest one that is unrewarding or temporary.
    Someone simply focusing on manifesting money might manifest a sizable windfall due to the death of a relative or be involved in an accident resulting in an insurance payout.
    Someone simply focusing on finding a romantic partner may fine someone who provides romance but is a poor suitor.

Therefore, specific manifestations can be quite difficult to get right – depending on what it is you wish to manifest because the more specific you are about your desire, the more specific you have to be about what you think, how you feel when you think about it, and how you behave towards your goal. Additionally, our limited awareness of all the possible outcomes of certain choices prevents us from being able to cleanly manifest specific outcomes. This is why many people simply focus on manifesting happiness, joy, and abundance rather than specific circumstances or material things.

  • The Universe does not respond to what we want but rather, to what we vibrate. It can be difficult to master but exceedingly fun to play with.
  • And there is a certain playfulness operating in this way because it removes any pressure one might have about manifesting singularly specific aspects of their life in a favor of a focus on enjoying happiness, creating more happiness, more positivity, and letting everything else sort itself out. In essence, enjoying this ride we call life and enjoying things exactly as they are.

    Does this mean that “bad things” won’t happen to us? No. What it does mean is that it is our choice whether we grow through and grow with everything that does happen to us because all things that happen to us also happen for us. It means that we have the ability and the responsibility of creating the circumstances, of creating the perspective necessary to move forward in happiness and our ability to do so rests solely on our own shoulders.

    How we are is reflected back to us.

    Om, Baby. Om!

    Joshua Taylor