You Can’t Save Someone From Themselves

God, this is a tough one.

You can’t save someone from themselves… and I know that just as sure as you’re a helper you’re going to try. You’ll try until you’re blue in the face, demoralized, and exhausted.

You’ll try through insults hurled and punches thrown.

… … … Blessed are the helpers.

You can try until the world burns itself to ash and you’ll still never save them from themselves.

We think,”if I just do this differently or say this more or be better,” then I can save them! But no, nothing we do or say or give can save someone from themselves.

They create the darkness and then fumble around blindly having forgotten that THEY CLOSED THEIR EYES and how do you convince someone to look towards the light when they refuse to open their eyes?

If all you can see is your pain, well, you’re not looking hard enough.

We can’t save anyone from themselves.

They feel the weight of oppression on their shoulders and the pain of discontent. They’ll burden each proudly as if they’re martyrs – having forgotten that the boulder on their back and the sword in their gut was put there by themselves because they believed they deserved it.

They stopped believing they were more. They stopped believing in their purpose. They stopped believing in their gifts. They stopped believing in themselves.

You can’t save someone from themselves.

If they’re going to be saved it’s a choice they must make. And before they can make that choice they must first choose to believe that they’re worthy of being saved in the first place.

We must choose to believe that we’re worthy of the life we’ve been given. And we must choose to forgive ourselves of the mistakes we’ve made.

We must choose to love ourselves first because only when we truly love ourselves can we accept the love we’re given or love anyone else in return.

If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? – RuPaul

And then we must choose to save ourselves.

I believe in the power of Love but not even love can save someone from themselves.

Love can guide and nurture. Love can support and build. Love can forgive and embrace, but it cannot save. Love will cry, and scream but even in its rage – all heart, and hope, and desperate fear, it cannot save someone from themselves.

It isn’t defeat or resignation. It isn’t bitterness or unfeeling. It’s simply the understanding that even though you want the world for someone you’ll never be able to give it to them because they simply refuse to receive it – because they believe their unworthy of receiving it.

Because they believe their unworthy period and that’s just something you can’t convince someone out of. It’s something they must choose to believe.

We have to surrender and love them anyway.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but you’re going to have to get really comfortable with that fact, Josh.

It’s not your responsibility to save anyone but yourself. Because the only person you can save is you.

If you’re lucky, you may see them dig their way out of the darkness – to watch them be reborn out of it. What a miracle to behold.

I believe in miracles too.

Om, Baby! Om,

Joshua Taylor

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