The Power of Your Beliefs


I’ve said before here many times that, “everything you think is true about your life is true for you.”

Can you hear that, though?

Can you believe it, though?

Literally everything that you believe about your life: your capabilities, your “limits”, your talents, your strengths, your dreams and goals, your body, your family, your friends….it’s all true, for YOU!

That doesn’t mean it’s true for anyone else but because those beliefs are true for you they inform and create your reality.

If you believe you’re a no-talent hack then you are, as far as you’re concerned, which means that despite what anyone else believes (and all the complements to the contrary you’re given and all the opportunities handed to you) you’ll never be the superstar everyone else sees you to be.

If you believe that you can’t exercise because you’re too weak or you fear that you’ll get hurt or that you’re not welcome in the gym because of the way you look you will NEVER discover the fitness you’re capable of achieving. Not because it’s your fitness is impossible but rather, quite simply because you believed it was impossible… Impossible that you could become stronger or impossible you that you were welcome in the gym.

If you believe you’re ugly and unlovable – you will doubt and reject every complement paid and every morsel of love offered to you.

If you believe you’re unworthy – you’ll never allow yourself to receive anything of worth.

If you believe the world is dangerous then you will see danger everywhere because danger is all you can see.

If you believe the world is unkind, you will see unkindness everywhere because you seek it out.


If you believe the world is beautiful, you will see beauty everywhere.

If you believe the world is gentle, you will see gentleness in every person you meet.

If you believe you are worthy, you will receive all those things of which you are worthy.

If you believe you are beautiful, you will be regarded as beautiful.

If you believe that you can be healthy, you will do the things that help you become healthy and thus, achieving health.

Matter of fact, there are recorded medical cases of spontaneous cancer remissions in patients where the only thing that changed was their belief that they could be healed.

Did God create the healing or was it they themselves that did? Does it matter? More importantly, is there a difference?

I believe that God created the Universe; therefore, I must also believe that God created you and me. And because I believe God created you and me, I must believe that God lives inside you and me, and within all things.

So for me, it’s ALL God, ALL the time.

Zoom all the way out and suddenly you realize that ALL this is – ALL it has ever been, and may ever be is:

God reflecting God back at God. God witnessing God experience God. God feeling God – touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and smelling God so that God may know God in ALL God’s infinite complexity, diversity, and glory. All this in an act of infinitely unfolding divine self-affirmation, and sacred self-actualization. A Holy “YES!”

Zoom back in and we can see that:

Reality, as we typically understand it, is nothing but a mirror reflecting our beliefs (truths) back towards us. Further, we are mirrors reflecting each other back towards one another. Because our perceptions (based solely upon our beliefs) of the world are the reality we experience.

And we fight so hard to make others see and validate our own reality. We argue and belittle each other over our perceived separate realities. We fight wars over our competing views of reality and thus, have slaughtered millions of each other over the need to have our perception validated, our “hard truths” realized.

In Science, there are no “hard truths.” Hard truth is a limit and Science must always holds itself open and available to receive new truths that are better supported by new evidence.

If “science” understands that hard truths are inherently false premises why do we humans love them so much? Well, I suppose only the scientists amongst are the ones who can be said to be “scientific”…the rest of us just do the best we can with what we’ve got.

But in this same way, we should abandon all the hard truths we hold about ourselves and our world that limit us. They are our limiting beliefs.

If you believe something isn’t possible for you it will NEVER be possible for you until you believe it IS!

If you believe you can’t do something then you never will.

If you believe something will never be available to you, it never will be.

No one believed that a 4 Minute mile could be run. Doctors thought the human body would die in the attempt and so, no one attempted it until Rodger Bannister broke the previously held record on May 6th, 1954. And because Bannister believed it and achieved it, it became possible for everyone else too! Now hundreds of athletes have run the 4 minute mile – and faster!

No one believed that the human body could lift more than 500 lbs overhead. Not even Vasily Alexeyev but his trainers knew he could so they gave him 500.5 lbs to lift but told him it was less… a weight he had already lifted and he lifted it thus not only setting a new world record but also shattering a limiting belief shared by himself but across the power lifting world.

Had he been told he was attempting 500.5 lbs would he have been successful? Who knows? Maybe so but probably not because it was already a “well established impossibility” that it could not be done therefore it’s not likely he would have even tried.

And no one believed that mankind could take to the skies, that is, until the Wright Brothers proved the world wrong.

So, what does this mean?

Does it mean that there isn’t cruelty in world? Unfortunately, no. Cruelty is real and its our responsibility to confront it.

Does it mean that bad things won’t happen to you? It depends on what you call “bad,” but no, bad things will still happen and it’s our responsibility, in so far as we are able, to see the lesson in them and rise above.

Does it mean that there aren’t limitations on the human body? Who knows?

Does it mean that even the most talented of people won’t be rejected? No. Lady Gaga, arguably one of the best vocalist of our generation, was rejected many many times but she never lost faith in herself and now look at her.

What this does mean is that so long as you’re expecting bad things to happen, they’re more than likely to happen. If you go looking for them, you’ll find them and then you’ll feel real self-righteous about how right you were.

See, I told you bad things are gonna happen and look, they happened!

But it doesn’t mean that THE world full of bad things. Sadly, it just means that YOUR world is.

I’m waxing long here so I’ll close with this:

This isn’t magical thinking. It’s simply a shift in perspective.

I want you to think about all the things you’ve believed were impossible for you:

  • I’ll never be rich.
  • I’ll never be beautiful.
  • I’ll never be talented.
  • I’ll never be happy (that’s a biggie.)
  • I’ll never be this …
  • I’ll never be that …
  • Now, pick just one of those things you listed and start the practice of believing the opposite. Instead of thinking, “I’ll never be rich,” instead think,”I AM a millionaire,” and practice that thought for at least a minute or more everyday.
  • You won’t become rich overnight (unless you do, in which case, remember me 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼) but what might instead happen is you’ll begin having ideas about how you might make money – things you might do or sell or create or invent or a service that only you can provide and when you do, the world will start throwing opportunities at you right and left because it’s reflecting your new belief back at you.
  • At that point, all you have to do is grab one (or a few) of those ideas and start flowing with it.
  • Get rid of your limiting beliefs. They’re anchors holding you down. Limiting beliefs are shackles chaining you to a life less extraordinary.

    And it’s not your fault – those limiting beliefs were pounded into your head by society, culture, your parents, your teachers, your friends and it’s not their fault either because the same happened to them too.

    Start believing in yourselves again. Have faith in whatever God you worship but don’t forget to have faith in YOURSELF too because you’re capable of truly amazing things! But in order to achieve those miracles, you must first believe you can.

    When you change on the inside, everything outside changes. – Dr. Marijo Puleo

    Om, Baby! Om,

    Joshua T.

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