Follow Up: Your Realest Competition

Follow up to Your Realest Competition

On the same day that I posted that blog, Jenny suggested I enter a Push-Up Contest she was hosting for Camden’s “First Friday” of 2019. So, in the spirit of the blog, I did it.

Now, before you get your hopes up-I didn’t “win” the contest. Not by a long shot. In one minute I successfully completed 34 pushups.

The guy to the right of me did something like 82 and the guy to the right of me did 115…and even they didn’t win. However, what I did “win” was the satisfaction of knowing that I had done “34” more pushups in one minute than I could have done at that same time last year. So, for me, it was a huge win!

Plus…my pushups were locked out. #jussayin

So…here’s a video of that.

Next up: Blossom Festival 5K in May and a friendly little Tug-of-War contest at Camden’s First Friday in May.

Om, Baby! Om.

Joshua T.

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