Take A Hike

Sometimes there comes a moment in our lives, whether through circumstance or neurochemistry, when for having been strong, we grow weak…the walls come closing in and our world becomes small and cramped.

My family has a lot on our plates right now and while I know things could always be worse there is a tendency to forget that from time to time.

God knows I’m not perfect, and I know God built us for these challenges that we face but for all the growth I feel I’ve made, old habits can be hard to break. So, when I become weak I tend sometimes towards depression and insecurity. I don’t know why, God. I wish I tended towards denial and cheese cake. 🍰 🍰 🍰

Now, turning inwards may sometimes be a good thing. Like mining for gold, what we seek can often be found just under the surface. However, turning inwards towards isolation is never healthy.

So, when you’re in a moment of weakness, try turning outwards instead. It’s a move I might not have made had my friends not caught me. So, do what we did and go TAKE A HIKE… in the great OUTdoors! Heed the call of the wild! Feel the wind on your face, and hear the rush of water as it pounds against your ear drums. Get your shoes dirty!

Being in nature won’t solve your problems but it can help you forget you have them, if only for a few precious hours and sometimes that’s all the break you need.

Hiking can:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Improve mood
  • Enhance mental wellbeing
  • – all of which address any immediate therapeutic need you might have.
  • Long terms use of hiking may contribute to:
    • Lower blood pressure
    • A reduced risk for heart disease
    • Lower cholesterol levels
    • Improved control over healthy weight
    • Lower body fat
    • Improved bone density
    • Improved osteoarthritis outcomes
    • Increases in flexibility and coordination
    • A better quality of life
    • Enhanced relationships with friends and family

    Granted, hiking in the hills is going to give you a better “workout” than your casual day stroll through the woods; however, sometimes all you need is just a stroll to remind you that life is still beautiful and perhaps, more importantly, that our problems are temporary.

    Don’t miss the forest for the trees, my friends. Perspective is a beautiful thing and the weight of the world isn’t yours to bear alone. So, take a load off and go take a hike.

    Om, Baby! Om.

    Joshua T.


    1. This is the very reason I’m moving from the concrete jungle of Dallas Tx to Hot Springs Ark in three years.
      All the outdoor activities that I love will be right outside my door. It’s a place I’ve grown to love. Beauty all around
      I can’t wait 😊

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