LEG DAY! 😭😭😭

It’s Leg Day – the bane of many gym goer’s workout program. Why, though? Leg day gives us the best opportunity for a good calorie burn which helps those bellies shrink. Minute for minute, leg day is a calorie burning power hour!

So, why do people avoid it? Why do people hate it?

Cause that shh hurts, bruh!

And we, being human, have evolved over millions of years to avoid pain.

So, while it’s normal to avoid pain, avoiding leg day makes you a punk…unless you’ve got medical reasons to avoid it.

The legs/butt are our largest muscle group and the muscle fibers in them are dense and tough because they’re used to working every day. And because they’re dense and tough we have to force them to break down so that they can rebuild stronger, denser, and tougher.

That means:

  • more volume
  • more weight (lots of it)
  • it means more variety

That’s three big reasons why a well executed leg day hurts longer than say, a well executed chest day.

And so we’re clear:

One 3×10 set of back squats does not a proper Leg Day make.

But hey, I’m just as guilty of cheating my leg day as anyone else because: human.

But is that really an excuse? No.

Now, I love squats. I could do squats everyday: air squats, back squats, front squats, KB squats, and gobbies, I love them all but I hate lunges and when I cheat, it’s always going to be the lunges that I cheat on.

Sorry, Lunges. We’re just too…different. πŸ’”

And yes, there are machines and other lifts/squats that work the same muscle groups that the lunge does BUT where the lunge reigns supreme is that it helps develop two key features of fitness:

  • Good Balance
  • Single Leg Strength

…And my balance needs a lot of work so…maybe I shouldn’t be cheating.

So, your leg day definitely should feature lunges but what else?

Dead Lifts. πŸ’€ Even the name is terrifying. More than any compound movement, Dead Lifts freak me out because I know my technique isn’t where it should be. 9/10 gym injuries happen with compound lifts like the Dead Lift and nobody got time for a ruptured disk. Certainly don’t mean to frighten you – just trying to drive home how important good technique is.

Glute Raises – if the DL still terrifies you, you can get the same booty maxing benefits from glute raises with less danger. Be mindful of the weight you load on the bar though. You’re not going to be able to pull all the power from your legs that you would normally pull because of the starting position so be smart.

Hamstring Curls – gotta work the hammies. You don’t want the front of your leg lookin good and the back lookin like jelly.

Squats – Pick your poison with squats. I recommend doing them with weight: kettle bell or dumb bells until you’re confident in your back and front squat.

Calf Raises. Thankfully I’ve got fat boy calves so I don’t have to do calf raises.

Now, if you’re an athlete you may have better reasons to avoid leg day:

  1. Your legs are probably already pretty strong from years of conditioning.
  2. Workout induced D.O.M.S. (delayed onset muscle soreness) can interfere with performance on the field.

So, you get a pass.

It’s leg day and you’re gonna be sore but it’s a good sore! It means you’re working and that’s a good thing. And yeah, you’re gonna walk funny but as you waddle through your workplace (or wherever you are) you can be proud that it’s a Leg Day waddle.

P.S. Killed my leg workout yesterday and I even did my lunges last night…5 of them. I wouldn’t say we’re back on good terms but it’s a start.

If you’d like to look at a good leg day workout, Click here.

P.S.S. Don’t be a punk. Crush leg day!

Om, Baby. Om!

Joshua T.

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