The Benefits of Working Out With A Partner

As with most things in life, things are always better with a partner: dining, Sunday joy rides, concerts, relationships (LoL), work, fun, play….

When we can, we always want our “besties” with us because they just make things better. That’s the joy and beauty of friendship.

And sometimes working out with your bestie is great, and sometimes working out with your bestie isn’t so…bestie. That’s why it’s important to choose your workout partners carefully.

Things to bear in mind as you choose a workout partner:

  1. Look for someone who is either as motivated as you are or even more so. If your partner isn’t as motivated as you are your motivation may tend to wane as theirs does and the cumulative effect of that can be bad for your gymlife.
  2. Look for someone who can keep you accountable. See #1
  3. Look for someone who’s available when you are. Better still is if they’re already working out alone when you are.
  4. Look for someone with similar goals as you have. The workout for someone wanting to loose weight is going to be different than the workout of the person wanting to pack on muscle.
  5. Look for someone who is as strong as you are.
  6. Look for someone you can have fun and be relaxed with. Because all work and no play makes everyone dull.

Ok, so we’ve got quite a tall order here. Will you be able to check off every item? Probably not and that’s ok but if you can check off even one or two then you’ve found a workout partner and that’s awesome!

But more important still is that you be the best workout partner you can be. You can’t expect or demand anything from anyone else that which you are unwilling to give so do your level best to be as encouraging, understanding, compassionate, and motivating as you can be. Because, as in all things, you are the only thing you have any control over.

Finding a “perfect” workout partner is like finding the “perfect” husband or wife. They don’t exist because perfection doesn’t exist. Finding someone who’s willing to partner up with you is a joy in and of itself. Everything else is icing on the proverbial cake and as you workout together you’ll make one another stronger, in a multitude of ways, which will make you both a better partner for other gymbers as they come in.

Journeys are better when traveled in the company of friends.

And I can’t close without giving a HUGE Thank You to my workout partners: Krissy B., Heather R., Keely J., & Billy M. Couldn’t do it without you. You make it fun!

Om, Baby. Om.

Joshua T.

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