So, You’ve Started an Introduction to Weight Training Class…Now What? An IWT Vet Shares Some Advice

I know. You’re anxious and excited. “What have I gotten myself into?” Trust, I felt it all too-and not so long ago.

One class down. You’re probably a little sore today. That’s good! You’re supposed to be but you’re not as sore as you’re gonna be. LoL Sore means it’s working and you’ll come to really appreciate the sore it because it proves that you’re working!

And before you know it you’ll be wearing that soreness like a badge of courage. “Wow! My butt really hurts today.” But you’ll say it with a confident pride rather than the grimace that usually accompanies those words. Lean into the sore. It’s your friend. LoL

Listen To Every Word, Watch Every Move & Ask Questions!

These next few weeks, you’re going to be learning…a lot. Take as much of it in as you can. Anytime your trainer speaks, listen, whether or not they’re speaking to you…listen. And watch them closely too! You’ll thank yourself later. Also, get used to being watched. You may feel self conscious about that. The trainers are gonna watch you, their helpers are gonna watch and fellow gymbers are gonna watch too. All the eyes are meant to ensure you’re doing the exercise correctly so that you don’t hurt yourself.

And if you’re even the slightest bit unsure of how to perform an exercise you should feel free to ask someone. Anyone in there will jump to help you.

And trust me, nothing kills a gymbuzz like watching someone get hurt.

Be Kind To Yourself

It’s easy in our “perfection driven” society to expect too much of yourself. Our bodies are largely the physical result of the nutritional and exercise (or lack thereof) choices we’ve made over the course of our lives. So, in the gym we have to deal with the choices that we’ve made.

But that’s exactly what makes all the soreness and work so rewarding – we aren’t unmaking bad choices but we do have the opportunity to remediate them.

The good news is that you’ve realized that! That’s what you started class!

The body of your dreams does lie just ahead but you won’t find it tomorrow, or the next day or the day after that. That’s what the work is for. But just remember:

Your goal weight isn’t as nearly important as the next pound you’ll loose.

Keep that first and foremost in mind as you do the work if loosing weight is your goal. Every 1/2 of a pound you drop is a huge success! Don’t get hung up on your goal weight either. Matter of fact (and I’ve said this before) ditch the whole “goal weight” idea wholesale. Focus on building your “goal body” instead.

Don’t Quit

There will be times when you’re tired and sore and you just want to go home. I’m not gonna tell you that’s bad. But what I will tell you is that if you do skip out and go home, it’ll be just that easier the next time to skip out and go home and easier still the next time. So, that being said, try to make class a habit that you don’t break.

Diet + Exercise = Results But Mindset Is the Most Important

Many professionals will tell you that results are 80% Nutrition and 20% Workout. That is true all day long if you already have a great mindset. But if you don’t have a good mindset then the battle is really: 80% Mindset, 10% Nutrition and 10% Workout.

Get your “why” sorted out early and keep it in front of your mind. Mindset is everything! I’ve written extensively on this in the past so check out my previous posts.

Let Go Of Being Self-Conscious

You may already feel exposed and vulnerable just by being in a gym. Add to that all the eyes on you…it can make the self conscious person even more self conscious. I know it made me feel terribly self conscious but you know what, sticking with it got me right out of my self conscious tendencies too.

Here’s the thing, self-consciousness is rooted in shame and YOU have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!

You’re going to fart in front of people. LoL It’s gonna happen – let it go and if you’re preoccupied with making sure it doesn’t happen your not focusing on what you should be focusing on. You’re gonna make ugly faces – let it go. You’re gonna grunt and groan – let it go. You’re gonna have days where you just don’t have the same energy as you had yesterday – let it go.

Get To Know The People In Your Class

Those people in class with you, they’re your battle buddies. And yeah, countless people have gone through weight training classes across the globe but only you few will know what’s it’s like to be in your class, together. There’s a beautiful bond to be formed there, if you’ll have it. Rely on one another for support and accountability. Rely on one another if no other reason than to have someone to complain with when the real workouts startcause they’re coming.

Get to know the other people working out in there too. Ask them to spot you. Ask them about their goals and their approach to working out.

Ok, we’re getting into TL;DR territory…

Last bit of advice…HAVE FUN!!!

And remember, You Are Worth This!

Om, Baby. Om,

Joshua T.

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