The Power of Positivity

So, I put out an “all call” for blog post ideas and at the time of this writing I had a whopping 1 response from someone who simply posted: “πŸ˜„πŸ‘‹πŸΌ”

LoL so the Power of Positivity is is!

We’ve heard all the axioms before and we’ve paid them equal lip service. We might have even uttered them to friends in pain from time to time and then felt some shame because it reminded us of all the times we didn’t believe.

Don’t cry over spilled milk.

Keep on the sunny side of life.

Make it a great day!

LoL funny, huh?

There are people in our lives who seem to embody positivity. We admire them & respect them… are annoyed by them and the ease at which they seem to glide through life.

I am not perfect. And truth be told, I’ve only been on my Positivity journey (in earnest) for less than a year. Before then, I said all the right words, smiled all the right smiles but my life was a quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) mess.

My focus was on lack: Poverty centric, constantly dwelling on what I wanted, or needed…all the things that I didn’t have. Never grateful for the things I did have – a great job, a family who loved me, wonderful friends, a home…

I made decisions based on fear. Took as few risks as possible and the risks I did take were over calculated.

Every day was waiting in the other shoe to drop…which it always did, in some form or fashion.

In my old mindset, it was near impossible for me to be positive or grateful. Negativity, like a drug, can become an addiction. Our brains become dependent upon the chemical cocktail that our negative centric thinking creates (and I realize that this flies in the face of much conventional wisdom regarding illnesses like depression.)

But I’d ask you to consider how addicted you might be to your own way of thinking.

It wasn’t until I reached my lowest…hit “rock bottom” as it were, that I decided to give a another way of thinking a shot.

So, I did a great deal of soul searching and a lot of reading across a multiple religious traditions and realized that, amongst the many ways the world’s religions agree, things like fear, worry, despair, are all considered unholy (but I don’t wanna to get “preachy.”)

So how do you get from negative thinking to positive thinking?

First off, you have to recognize your negative thoughts for exactly what they are which can be extremely difficult – especially when when they’re deeply ingrained. Because ingrained modes of thought are habitual, they become our default. And when something is default, we tend to view it as neutral, or at the very least, natural.

So, if we were to visualize the spectrum of emotion as a scale:

A person operating in the lower vibrational space of Anger/Discouragement/Blame/Worry/Doubt might not even be aware:

  1. That’s where they’re hanging out. It’s just where “life” is for them.
  2. There’s an entire spectrum of higher vibration “above” them that’s available to be relished.

Certainly, there’s a difference between knowing a higher alignment is available and being ready to align with it. Sometimes, we need to be in our negativity to allow us to appreciate the positive in our lives. The problem then is when we choose it consistently out of habit.

And make no mistake, my friends, we do choose our emotions (whether consciously or subconsciously.) Matter of fact, they’re the only thing we have any true choice about. It’s the subconscious choices that cause us the trouble because before we’re even aware of it we’re reacting.

I experienced that first hand this past weekend… Fell from near the top of the spectrum to near bottom in the span of about 5 seconds. I could feel it happening but I wasn’t sober enough to stop it. Unfortunately, I had been drinking.

The old me would have hung out at the bottom for days or even longer. Thankfully, I’ve done enough self work not to be him all the time anymore but still, you never quote destroy old patterns, you just write over them.

But that moment taught me an invaluable lesson about inebriation. LoL

So, once you’ve recognized you’re in a negative state the work isn’t as hard but it can feel quite silly.

I’ve written on self-talk (regrettably, this blog entry might be a rehash of the self-talk entry) but when we recognize a negative thought for exactly what it is our job is simply to rewrite it. This part takes time but the results do come.

So, an extreme example might be turning something like, “I hate my life,” into, “I love my life.”

Obviously, if you find yourself saying, “I hate my life,” you’re in a bad way. And if it’s become a personal mantra, it’ll be that much more difficult to correct. But if you can catch those moments, you can affirm the opposite. It will feel like a lie. It’ll feel stupid and silly. Do it anyway, whether you have to do it once a day or 1000 times a day.

Our brains are incredible things but they’re quite gullible – believing everything we tell them.

So, as you’re going about your day, say things like, “I love my life.” Over time, new neural pathways are created and strengthened while the old “negative” pathways are weakened and ultimately, abandoned. They still exist but see less “foot traffic,” and, like old hiking trails, they get grown up with disuse.

Now, this method works for just about any thought pattern you can imagine and it’s particularly useful in fitness. It’s tough to start a fitness journey. Getting off the sofa can be especially difficult so as you begin your gymlife you might start saying positive affirmations to yourself like:

I love working out.

My health is important to me.

I eat healthful food.

I am happy, healthy, and strong.

You can use these, any variations on them or your own. Matter of fact, I believe it’s best to make your own because your words are your vibration.

Positive thinking opens us up to the abundance flow of the universe/God. It allows us to see the beauty in the world and in our lives. You can call it “rose colored,” if you want but positive people are simply happier than negative people. LoL That bit should be obvious.

Positivity is a glass always half full. It’s the silver lining on a cloudy day. It’s the ray of hope in bad news, and it’s the stars in the dark of night. It’s a focus on abundance rather than poverty.

Positivity is a way of perception which begins as a intention of thought. And it’s yours to claim, if you’re willing to do the work.

Don’t ask happy people how they do it. They’ll just tell you, “it’s just how I am.” LoL It’s like asking a bee how it flies…it just does. But the wisdom in their response is clear, “It’s how I am.”

Everyday we have a choice of who we want to be. Choose positivity until you become positivity.

Your Universe will thank you.

And after you’ve mastered positive thinking. Add positive feeling to positive action and watch the universe bloom before you.


Joshua T.

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