So I hear you saying, “I thought this blog was supposed to be about fitness? It says, “The Taylor Made Fit, after all!”

LoL Well, mental fitness is an incredibly important part of any “fitness” regimen and I started out with a series of entries on mental health because I believe it’s important for us to get our head right before we try to get our body right. Because: if our head isn’t right it doesn’t matter what we do – results either won’t come or won’t stay and if, by some miracle they do stay, they won’t make us happy.

The thing is: most of us aren’t even aware of how our mindset affects everything we do. We believe that how we think about things is simply who we are. And that’s…simply not true. Our thoughts might be a reflection of HOW we are but they have nothing to do with WHO we are (and that may not even be true 100% of the time.)

Because we are not our thoughts. Case in point: how many times have you had a thought and then thought, “Why did I think that?”

Well, YOU didn’t think it. Your brain did. And we are no more our brains than we are the clothes on our backs. Our big beautiful brains simply contain the “programming” that dictates HOW we are at any given moment and, if you’ve been reading, you’ve also seen me write something along the lines of, “we can rewrite our programming I.E. our DOS (Daily Operating System.)

It’s true, we can. If I hadn’t rewritten the part of my programming that said I am fat…I’d still be fat (not that I’m post-fat or anything.)

The same is true of anyone who’s changed any thing about themselves, really.

The problems begin to arise when we attempt to change deeply ingrained modes of being. Said another way, these deeply ingrained modes of being are emotional and psychological addictions.

We become addicted to thinking about the world in certain terms, or thinking about our selves in certain ways or our family, friends, cats, food….the list goes on and we’re addicted to these modes because we’ve adopted them as integral parts of our egoic identity.

This is why I’m a huge advocate for anyone wanting to loose weight to begin the process with a counselor or therapist in their pockets…not because I think overweight people are crazy but because, 90% of the time, overweight people are overweight because of the way they think about the world and themselves.

I wish to God I had started this journey with a counselor. I was lucky to pick one up a little later but I reckon that had I started the journey with her, I probably wouldn’t have had the challenges I ended up having.

At around 80 lbs down, I remember standing in front of my bathroom mirror looking into my eyes and thinking, “who are you NOW?”

I distinctly remember my therapist asking me one day:

Do you know who you are?

I sat there for a moment in stunned silence recalling my moment with the bathroom mirror and then responded with a smartass “Does anyone really know?”…quickly followed by litany of “I am” statements:

  • I am a philosopher
  • I am a little hood
  • I am a country boy
  • I am a lover of the stars
  • I am a cat lover

Mind you, all of those I am statements are true; however, in hindsight, the answer was really a resounding “No.”

I’m certain she picked up on that too. She responded back to me that I sounded like a very eclectic person.

I also distinctly remember standing in my friends garage one day and having the incredible realization that I didn’t have to be anyone other than who I’d always been…just because I looked different didn’t mean I was a different person altogether. Sure, things about me had changed. My body was changing but I am not my body. My attitudes were changing, some habits were changing but those attitudes and habits made me no more who I am than the clothes on my back.

Those attitudes and habits were just reflections of HOW I was then.

But the heart of me and the heart of you, is infinite and eternal. Woo woo territory for some of you, I know.

I believe that you and I are emanations of infinite consciousness having a brief finite experience.

Famed Astronomer and Science Communicator, Carl Sagan, expressed a similar sentiment when he said:

The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.

At any rate, the point I’m trying to make is that your weight loss journey will be a monumental journey of self discovery. Embrace it! The more easily you can accept the fact that WHO you believe you are is really more a reflection of HOW you are presently, the more space for growth and change you’ll make.

Because weight loss is about nothing if not change.

Now, once you get that squared away you can begin with your beginning.

And that beginning can look however you want it to look whether you start taking a five minute walk to the end of your block or start an introduction to weight training class. Begin.

And don’t resist it because resistance is just fear of change in disguise. Change is scary but it can also be beautiful and amazing. The thing is, you already know what your present looks like. What can your future look like?

If you were like me, you sat in your “present” for 10 years eating cookies and wondering why nothing was changing. Well, nothing changed because I was afraid of changing.

We sit around and let life happen to us but the truth is, it doesn’t happen to us, it just gives us back what we give it.

… but what if you started happening to life though? Go Begin.


Joshua T.