Self-Worth and Everything Else

In my blog post on Self-worth I mostly talked about how it related to the amount of effort we put into our weight loss and fitness journey.


Self-worth is about so much more than that.

Our personal conceptions of Self-worth dictate nearly every facet of our lives. It determines what we allow ourselves to be in the presence of, how we allow ourselves to be spoken to and what we believe we deserve.

Our self-worth literally determines the attitudes we have about the world, ourselves and beliefs we hold because it is also, a extension of our Ego.

Now, you might get the impression that I believe the EGO is bad. I don’t. It’s vital and necessary to our daily operation in this thing called life.

However, I also believe that we can, through effort, “evolve” our ego’s so that we operate in this thing called life in a much more healthful, holistic and spiritual way. In the grander sense, I believe we are ultimately not our egos and we just use them to navigate the world much in the same way we use our bodies and because they’re ultimately tools, like our bodies, they can be changed.

Buddhist monks spend their entire lives trying to rid themselves of the Ego and through intense meditation some are able to surpass their egos to enter a place of pure consciousness. That’s great and all…but unless your a Buddhist monk we have to learn how to use our Egos while simultaneously being present in the world. I believe Jesus spoke on this when he said, “Be in this world and not of it.”

It’s funny how often Buddhism and Jesus align. There’s a wonderful book called by Thich Nhat Hanh called, “Living Buddha, Living Christ,” which illustrates this alignment.

At any rate, our self-worth and, by extension, our ego, determine all the things that we allow for ourselves: health, happiness, love, freedom, wealth, GOD, etc.

Said another way, the things we lack in our lives we often don’t believe we’re worthy of. So, if you believe you’re worthy of it all, you’ll work and live your life in such a way that you receive it all.

So whether we are working to loose weight. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

Get in better shape. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

Or become worthy of those things which we desire to be in our lives. . ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

We have to make certain that the following 3 things are in alignment:

    Right Thought: am I thinking about what I want in healthy and prosperous way (from a place of abundance I.E. gratitude or poverty I.E. Lack?)
    Right Feeling (am I feeling emotions that are consistent with prosperity or poverty?
    Right Action (are the actions I’m taking coming from a place of prosperity or poverty)…said another way, am I taking any positive action at all?

For clarification’s sake: if we’re only thinking about what we want from the, “I don’t have,” or “I need,” place we are unintentionally emphasizing the lack of it in our minds. Change that script up to something more like, “I will create room for… in my life.” Or, “I welcome more….in my life.”

Now, I’ve used this word, “deserve” which is tricky because often what we believe we deserve isn’t in alignment what we believe we are worthy of. And more often still, we don’t work towards the things we believe we deserve – we just expect them to be handed to us because we are who we are.

Well, you’ve heard the Ancient Greek axiom:

God only helps those that help themselves.

It’s true isn’t it?

I’m going to say something controversial here and you can take it with a grain of salt or run with it:

When those three “Rights” are aligned, we enter a “place” where manifestations is possible.

So, if you’ve been working on building muscle and loosing weight, you’ve made sure the three “R’s” were aligned for that to occur: you’re mission focused, dieting right, working out, and loving the process.

Because let’s face it, if you didn’t love it, you wouldn’t be in there doing it in the first place. And it just wouldn’t be important to you.

If you’re working to build a business you’re mission focused, loving, and nurturing your brand and working to make it happen.

So what ever you believe you are worthy of, you can bring into your life. Whether it stays depends on whether or not you continue to believe you’re worthy of it by making sure your actions, thoughts and feelings about it are aligned.

How many millionaires loose their fortunes because they began to act unworthy of the blessing?

How many relationships end because a partner begins to act unworthy of their love?

How many happy people become miserable because they begin to act unworthy of happiness?

So, in this way, our self-worth can be said to be largely evidenced in our lives by the lives we create for ourselves – it’s evidenced by our joy and our misery, our wealth and poverty, our health or lack thereof, our love life or lack thereof, … everything, really.

So the next time you decide you want for something, make sure those Three R’s are matched up and see what happens.

God wants us to be abundant (and I don’t mean in the Joel Osteen Prosperity Gospel sort of way) but we have to decide whether we’re worthy of it.

Audentes Deus Ipse Iuuat

Just something to consider.


Joshua T.